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EdMar Rayon Thread Colors

Use these charts for rough estimation only.
Be aware that all threads are hand dyed and dye-lots vary, this is normal.

EdMar Rayon Thread Color Charts

SOLIDS: By Number | By Color
SHADED: By Number | By Color

412 Dark to Light Oregano

051 Med to Light Lichen

034 Pale to Whisper Periwinkle

090 Pale Pink & White

005 Lt Peach & White

049 Shaded Pale Avocado

042 Light to Pale Sea Green

105 Dk to Deep Periwinkle

004 Pale to Light Pink

407 Dark to Lt Mahogany

050 Med to Lt Avocado

095 Med to Lt Sea Green

405 Med to Lt Dusty Mauve

404 Medium to Dark Pink

059 Dk to Med Burnt Umber

402 Med to Light Peridot

040 Dark to Lt. Cucumber

007 Pale to Light Grape

056 Christmas Red & White

415 Dark to Med Espresso

109 Med to Pale Sour Apple

002 Light Gray & White

077 Med to Whisper Grape

074 Med to Pale X-mas Red

104 Light to Pale Papaya

410 Med to Pale Bay Leaf

088 Light to Pale Gray

409 Medium to Light Grape

068 Med to Lt Amaranth

096 Whispr to Pale Apricot

053 Light to Pale Olive

025 Med to Lt Charcoal

091 Pale Lavender & White

075 Med to Lt Cherry Red

072 Dark to Light Apricot

411 Med to Whisper Olive

062 Med to Lt Agave Blue

098 Lt to Pale Lavender

101 Shaded Scarlet

106 Med to Light Amber

080 Dark to Pale Olive

063 Pale to Whispr Turquoise

070 Med to Lt Lavender

065 Med to Lt Cranberry

416 Med to Lt Dandelion

414 Med to Lt Forest Green

071 Dk to Light Turquoise

094 Dark to Light Plum

015 Med to Pale Pink Sherbet

073 Med to Pale Golden Yellow

110 Dk to Pale Forest Green

406 Dark to Pale Sky Blue

107 Med to Light Orchid

030 Pale to Light Russet

069 Med to Lt Faded Gold

099 Med to Pale Parsley

092 Baby Blue & White

006 Pale to Lt Mulberry

089 Pale to Med Russet

401 Med to Dk Golden Yellow

403 Med to Pale Fern

082 Med to Lt Colonial Blue

086 Med to Pale Mulberry

087 Med to Light Cocoa

003 Light Yellow & White

079 Dk to Whspr Moss Green

100 Shaded Baby Blue

041 Med to Lt Antique Rose

018 Light to Pale Chantilly

400 Pale to Whisper Lemon

413 Dk to Med Moss Green

001 Medium to Light Blue

043 Light to Pale Fuchsia

097 Medium to Dark Pearl

108 Pale to Medium Lemon

024 Lt to Whspr Tea Green

076 Med to Pale Royal Blue

408 Med to Pale Faded Rose

078 Dk to Light Tangerine

081 Med to Dark Eggshell

048 Pale to Lt Honeydew

103 Med to Lt Royal Blue

083 Med to Dark Hot Pink

009 Dk to Med Tangerine

102 Light to Medium Ecru

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