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The 12 series
This series features simple, elegant designs of very popular Brazilian embroidery flowers. Each design is printed on a 7"x7" fabric and are excellent for beginning stitchers. All are available as kits.

#1221 Jasmine
1222-Peach Blossom
#1222 Peach Blossom
1223-Three Jasmines
#1221 Three Jasmines
This kit is available in 5 different colors:
004 Pink (shown above)
073 Golden Yellow
078 Tangerine
083 Hot Pink
086 Mulberry
1224-Summer Roses
#1224 Summer Roses
1225-Fancy Daisies
#1225 Fancy Daisies
1226-Bullion Rose
#1226 Bullion Rose
1227-Rolled Roses
#1227 Rolled Roses
1228-Cast-on Daisy
#1228 Cast-on Daisy
1230-Rolled Roses and Bow
#1230 Rolled Roses & Bow

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