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The 14 series
The 14 series offers projects with medium difficulty. The small size is less intimidating to beginners and the more experienced stitcher will appreciate the added challenges involved. All are available as a complete kit on 8 x 10 fabric.

#1401, #1402, & #1403 - California Rosebud

Gorgeous petals of Knotted Cast-on stitches and long pistils of Bullion stitches produce this stunning piece of needlework. Designs are 4" tall.

1410 Lady and the Pansies
#1410 - Lady and the Pansies

Petals done with a special Cast-on technique gives this piece its unique quality. Beautiful and very dimensional, Lady and the Pansies is a showstopper!

1421 Geranium Basket
#1421 - Geranium Basket

1422 Irises in Pottery
#1422 - Irises in Pottery

1423 Irises
#1423 - Irises

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